Harden Industries is a leading recycling equipment supplier in China. We manufacture and market a range of small solid waste size-reduction products. These machines can be used to recycle waste glasses bottles, glass jars and glass cups.

Glass bottle crusher GB101
Glass bottle crusher GB101

Our series of glass bottle crushers are ideal option for small and medium-sized private and public organizations such as bars, supermarkets, pharmacies, beauty saloons, restaurants,  as well as marine environments. i.e. shipboard, vessels and offshore installations for pre-process various post consumer wasted glass bottles/containers before delivering them to recycling factory.

Harden also offers different new options that can be custom-built for special industrial/commercial requirements. All our products match world-class criteria with good performance and competitive prices.

Glass bottle crusher GB102
Glass bottle crusher GB102
Glass bottle crusher GB103
Glass bottle crusher GB103



Working video for Harden Glass bottle crusher GB101:

Working video for Harden Glass bottle crusher GB102:

Working video for Harden Glass bottle crusher GB103:


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  1. I’m very interested in your glass crushers product. I want to know if you need or wants a sales representative in Puerto Ricor; or if you sale a license or franchise for your products…

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    I am interested in purchasing a glass bottle how do go about contacting a completing the necesary procedures?

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    We are intressing by a Cruching Machine for a Restaurant, please send me a Proforma Invoice in $ delivery Ganghzou Port.


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    we looking for small bottle machine recycling and haw mach it will be coast for this machine send as more details tank you

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